Lightweight ShadowFit Dual Angle Foam Roller Equipment

Lightweight ShadowFit Dual Angle Foam Roller Equipment
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UNIQUE DESIGN This handheld foam massage roller is created with high quality materials. Designed by experts to target multiple areas of each body part at once. With medium to high density foam, it allows for the perfect pressure without damage to the muscles and tissue. The shape of this allows for benefits of increased performance levels, pain and tension relief, loosen knots, increase blood flow and circulation, reduces inflammation in the joints, and speeds up recovery process. CONSISTENT RESULTS With daily use of this angled foam rolling tool, you can easily target your arms, legs, thighs, quads, calves, shin splints, forearms, tennis elbow, joints, and neck. It can produce effective myofascial release, improve range of motion and flexibility, and long term, may even lessen the appearance of cellulite with increased blood flow to the desired areas. It can reduce pain in select areas, break down tightness and tension, target trigger points, and loosen up muscles. VARYING PRESSURE Dependent on your needs, the pressure of this health and wellness fitness tool can be easily controlled. Whether you are looking for a soft and easy roll or more of a deep tissue, this will deliver. It can also be used for different pressure points along your body for maximum relief. Understanding your bodies needs and using this tool to address them will ultimately lead to a healthier, well-relaxed lifestyle. LIGHTWEIGHT, TRAVEL SIZE Weighing less than a pound, this massager can be taken anywhere It is great at the gym, on the track and field, in the yoga, pilates, or dance studio, or to take on the plane during your business and leisure travel. Combine this with your daily workout routine at home or in the gym and experience ultimate results. THE PERFECT GIFT Everybody needs relief This is a suitable gift that will have your loved ones smiling at every use. Perfect gift to give on Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, work gatherings, and as a simple thank you gift. This will not only be loved by athletes, swimmers, body builders, cross fit, dancers, sports players, and high intensity fitness gurus, but also for your every day family and friends like mom, dad, husband, wife, brother, sister, your boss or coworkers, and clients.

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The ShadowFit Dual Angle Foam Roller is designed for just about anybody who finds themselves experiencing a good workout, engaging in competitive and leisure sports, challenging nature through outdoor activities, and simply taking advantage of the capacity of our bodies. This multi-angle, medium – to – high density foam roller was created to prolong our body s ability for physical activity and support muscle recovery, joint health, and mobility.

The ShadowFit Dual Angle Foam Roller is the go-to handheld massage tool for pre and post workout, daily relief, and consistent care for your body. That means that anybody can use this From tennis players, golfers, and body builders to desk workers, waitresses, and painters, it is a great tool to have on hand before and after a straining day.

If you are needing some extra TLC and your muscles hurt… it s worth it Sturdy and feels good.

This foam roller is designed using medium to high density foam that will neither snag your skin or body hair. This makes for a smooth roll and massage to ease tension and muscle aches effectively.

This will support preparing your body for your physical activities of the day. Whether before a sports game, yoga, outdoor activity, or a standard gym workout, using the ShadowFit Dual Angle Foam Roller will optimize your body for physical activity.

With a 360 reach potential on your arms, legs, and neck, you can stimulate natural blood flow, increase circulation, and reduce inflammation in the most critical areas of your body including sore thighs, hamstrings, calves, shins, elbows, feet, and hands.

So that you can take it with you anywhere, this is the perfect travel size fitness equipment weighing just under one pound. Pack it in your gym bag, your carry-on, or keep it in your car for convenient and accessible use.

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Mohamed-Ali Alaouie: BEST LEG Arms ROLLER HANDS DOWN.

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